Spacewalks are a footwork trick that involve balancing on two wheels and turning the board frontside and backside in a smooth, rhythmic motion. A standard spacewalk is done while rolling forward in the skater’s regular stance. Other versions of the spacewalk can be done backwards (fakie), stationary, hang-10, or with added spins.

Before learning the spacewalk, it is important that you are comfortable doing wheelies (aka Manuals), tictacks, and monster walks.

I recommend learning the spacewalk in three steps.

Step 1

Begin rolling forward very slowly. Press down on the tail and pivot 45 degrees in the backside direction to enter a sort of “tweaked tail stop” position. Hold this position for a moment and then pivot back to your regular position, with all four wheels on the ground. Now do the same thing, but pivot 45 degrees in the frontside direction. Try to keep your shoulders straight throughout this exercise. Use your hips to do each 45 degree pivot. Repeat these two pivots until you can do it in your sleep.

Step 2

Just like step 1, begin rolling forward slowly and enter the “tweaked tail stop” position. Now, turn 90 degrees to the frontside tail stop position without setting your wheels down. You may need to drag your tail on the ground as you swivel between these two positions.

Step 3

Practice the transition from step 2 without stalling in each tail stop position. Drive your back wheels forward as you reach the peak of each 90 degree pivot. Use your shoulders and arms to generate momentum and focus on making smooth, consistent turns. As you begin to feel more comfortable with this step, see if you can do this without dragging your tail.

Spacewalks are tough. The rhythm, balance, and board feel that you need in order to do proper spacewalks takes tons of time and practice. Be patient with yourself and don’t rush through these steps. Once you are comfortable with regular spacewalks, you can try the fakie spacewalk, stationary spacewalk, and you can even combine spacewalks with other footwork tricks.