How to Rail Flip (aka Primo Flip)

How to Rail Flip (aka Primo Flip)

  • Jump with front foot, then flip with back foot
  • Kick down and back
  • experiment with timing and foot position. Every board has a different "sweet spot"

Rail flips (aka primo flips) are a category of freestyle skateboarding tricks that involve standing on the side of the skateboard and using your foot to flip the board. In this trick tip video, we explain how to do the heel side rail, varial rail flip. You can use these principles to learn the double rail flip, 360 rail flip, godzilla rail flip, and more!

Begin in heel side rail stand with your front foot on the side of the wheel and your back foot resting on the side of the tail or nose. I like to have my back foot midway between the wheel and the skid plate. Every skateboard has a "sweet spot" for rail flips, and you will need to experiment with your board.

To flip the board, jump with your front foot and immediately press down and back with your back foot. This should send the board spinning and flipping under you. Lift your feet and attempt to lower them onto the grip tape after the board had finished flipping 1 and 3/4 of a rotations. 

Be sure to jump first before you begin flipping the board. If you attempt to flip the board while your body weight is still over the wheel, it will not flip and you will probably fall. 

Experiment with foot placement, practice these on a piece of old carpet if you're nervous, and have fun! You can do this!