• Grab the wheel before you hop on to the nose.
  • Hop between the truck and casper position, don't do floppy sidewinders.
  • Keep your weight centered as you tip over. 

A sidewinder is a trick that involves an end-over-end transfer from truck stand to casper stall or switch truck stand. Sidewinders can be done in a number of ways. This trick tip will cover “handed sidewinders” that transition from truck stand to casper.

Begin in a regular handed truck stand position, with your front hand holding the nose of the board and your back foot on the truck. Lower the angle of the board slightly and lift your front foot up above the front truck. As you lift your foot, bend down and grab the back truck - yes, the truck under your back foot. YOU CAN DO IT! BEND! Try to grab the truck near the toe side wheel. You will find that the board continues to tip over as you execute this step-&-grab maneuver. That is okay. As the board tips, hop off of your back foot and onto your front foot so that you are now standing on the nose. As you hop, lift the board with your back hand. 

Now you should be in a sort of assisted casper position. From here, use your back hand to swing the board forward 180 degrees. Hop off of your front foot, pull the wheel upward, sending the board into a ½ kickflip rotation and attempt to land with the griptape of your board.

Handed sidewinders are a great way to creatively transition from truck to casper tricks. Give sidewinders a try, share your progress with us on the Waltz Discord, and keep dancing!