Andy Anderson

Andy kicked off 2018 with a part in Brett novak’s Neon alongside Kilian Martin and Isamu Yamamoto and quickly followed it up with a short skate film of his own. When he wasn’t traveling the world skating in olympic qualifier events, you could often find andy on instagram showing off his signature mix of freestyle and … whatever else he feels like skating that day.


Reece Archibald

all hail cow god! Possibly the most whimsical nominee this year, Reece brought a refreshing mix of comedy, mystery, and heavy tricks to freestyle in 2018. Following his late 2017 “We Come in Peace” part, reece took to instagram with modernized variations of so many classic freestyle tricks. His platforms act as a broadcast antenna for freestyle of all kinds, as reece has devoted much of his time to sharing others’ skating as well as his own. An educator, and entertainer, and an athlete


Cristobal Bahamonde

Cris has been heavily involved in the online freestyle community since the early 2000’s, but In 2018 we saw him catch a new stride. When he wasn’t filling our feeds with new trick variations and freestyle NBD’s, he was preparing for the world Round-up. …………………………………………….


Nick Beaulieu

The Container Kid, Nick Beaulieu is always pushing himself on his board. 2018 was no different. nick spent the year dropping clip after clip of tech freestyle, rain or shine from the comfort of his shipping container. In May we saw Nick finish in the top 10 at the World Round-up in the highest level of amateur skating that the sport has ever seen. He followed that up with a first place finish at the Paderborn BBQ. Looks like that year round training regiment paid off.


Tony Gale

Tony seemed to enter 2018 on a mission. After ending 2017 with the world championship title, he wasted no time in turning his attention to the digital landscape. 2018 gave us an array of new tony gale trick tips, setup videos, and blog posts educating the masses on the finer elements of freestyle skateboarding. And it didn’t slow down tony’s competition regiment at all. top-3 finishes from mr. gale at the UK roundup, Paderborn BBQ, and Japan World Championships proved that he is some sort of mutant JUGGERNAUT of freestyle perpetuation.


Dan Garb

Dan has been a polarizing member of the freestyle community since he crept onto the scene in 2006. it wasn’t until 2018 however that we really saw dan blossom into the bright pink camo flower that so many love (and so many love to hate). Following his victory in 2017’s ‘King of Freestyle’ competition, Dan moved to japan where he has continued to dole out his signature freestyle edits. Tech tricks and contemporary editing provide a refreshing look at modern freestyle skateboarding. Oh, he has a pro model now too.


Denham Hill

fear the WEASEL. Denham tore through 2018 with more style and aggression than any other competitoR. Opening the year with a top 10 finish in the World ROund-Up and Paderborn BBQ, Denham went on to start Terror Firma. This video platform has provided high speed freestyle goodness for the better part of 2018. In between meat spins you could also find Denham designing merch and freestyle themed tattoo flash for Terror Firma and other projects.


Yuzuki Kawasaki

Without a doubt, you’ve seem Yuzuki in your feed this year. Your aunt probably emailed you a video of him skating on the news, or maybe an old middle school friend DM’d you a clip. While Yuzuki was a hit among the non-skate community in 2018, his real impact came from the list of tricks that he invented since January. In the past 12 months, he has been defying gravity with COUNTLESS new coconut wheelie variations and pressure flip/kickflip combinations. This would be impressive coming from someone with 15 years of skating experience. Yuzuki is only 10 years old.


Bert Mathieson

Bert is proof that skateboarding has no age limit. Even if you don’t know bert by name, we can guarantee that you’ve seen his skating reposted by one of your favorite insta accounts. Besides sweeping the Legends division at the world round-up, Bert spent 2018 mostly on his hands, showing off his enormous library of upside-down tricks. If he wasn’t putting down some of the most difficult handstand tricks on instagram, he was inventing new ones. Lets hope we can all skate like Bert by the time we’re 56.


mARCO Sassi

Marco may have avoided the contest scramble this year, but that doesn’t exclude him from the FSotY list. We are including Mr. Sassi in this year’s list strictly for his 2018 “Marco Sassi - Freestyle Skateboard Part”… um… skateboard part. Marco’s unexpected video part unleashed tricks that no one was expecting. Melding traditional semi-stationary freestyle with marco’s signature bouncing footwork made for a montage of tricks that are as elegant as the setting where they take place. If you haven’t watched the video, GET ON IT NOW!!!



Chicago Stu spent much of 2018 putting down NBD’s in your instagram feed. His ability to take freestyle hammers to banks, quarters, and ledges made him one of our favorite freestylers to watch in 2018. Always ready to perform no matter what stage he’s on, Sto didn’t hesitate to get involved with the demo and contest scene either. You may have caught him at the World Round-up or even some of the LA longboard jams handstand kickfliping on 40” boards.



Turi is as mysterious as he is talented on his board. Every year brings us a new BARRAGE of truck transfers from Turi, but 2018 seemed even gnarlier. Jump to the 2018 WRU, and we saw just how consistent he can be with his style of truck dancing. Watching someone icebreaker on a polished concrete floor is like watching an elephant high-dive into a kiddie pool. It’s destined to go horribly wrong… unless you’re Turi Zoltan.