Heel-Side Primo (aka Rail Stand)

Heel-Side Primo (aka Rail Stand)

  • Go slow! It's okay if your feet touch the ground
  • Your back foot should end up on the side of the wheel as it rolls the board over
  • Allow the board to slide out from beneath your front foot as it rolls over
  • Bend your knees, stay loose, take your time'

The heel side rail stand, a.k.a. Primo stall involves standing on the side of the skateboard, with your toes on the wheels and your heels on the edge of the deck (the rail). The tail stop to heel side rail stand involves rolling the board from tail stop into a heel side rail stand.

Before learning the heel side rail stand you should already be comfortable getting into tail stop position.

Begin in tail stop with the toes of both feet on the tail of your board and your heels on the ground. Your feet should be pointing up the length of the board. Lift your back foot and place it against the side of the deck near the back truck, creating a 90 degree angle with the sole of your shoe and the edge of the deck. Use this foot to push the board over, onto its side. Aim to finish this motion with your back foot standing on the side of the wheel. Meanwhile, allow the tail to slide out from beneath your front foot. As the board rolls over, your front foot should be left standing on the ground. That is okay! Step up and place this foot on the side of the front wheel.

To dismount from a heel side rail stand, you will need to roll the board back on to its wheels. Bend your knees, press down on the balls of your feet, and gently rock the board forward. Try not to jump and kick the board. Instead, focus on rocking the board forward, lowering your center of gravity, and absorbing the impact as you drop down onto all four wheels. This part can be scary! It might help to hold onto a fence, or a friend’s hand as you learn the rail stand dismount. YOU CAN DO THIS!