Rail Walk

Rail Walk

  • Bend your knees.
  • Stand with the balls of your feet over the wheels and rail during this trick - NOT your heels or toes!
  • When standing on the center of the rail, turn your foot sideways for better balance.

Rails walks are a trick done on the side (also called “the rail”) of your skateboard, where you start by standing over the trucks and wheels, and then walk along the rail of your skateboard and hop back to where you started.

Before you try this trick, you should be really comfortable getting into and out of heel side rail stand. You should also be comfortable shuffling around in rail stand to regain your balance if you start to fall. It also helps to be comfortable doing tail stop shuffles. 

Once you’re in heel side rail, you want to make sure you’re standing with the balls of your feet over the wheels -- Not your toes. Not your heels. You want the balls of your feet to be making contact with the wheels and edge of the board. From here, start the rail walk by placing your front on the rail, about half way between the front and back truck. With the ball of your front foot on the rail and with your weight over this foot, lift your back foot and place it on the front wheel. Then, while balancing on the front wheel, unwind your front foot by lifting it and allowing it to hover above the nose of your board. Finally, end the trick by hopping off of your back foot, back to the starting position.

Now, when doing the rail walk, do remember to bend your knees. It will help you remain balanced and help you catch yourself if you tip the board over, which will happen. A LOT! Experiment with foot placement. I found it easier to do rail walks with my front foot closer to the front wheel and with my foot slightly angled when balancing on the rail. Be sure not to use your toes or the arch of your feet when doing this trick. It will make balancing and walking much harder for most skaters.

Try rail walks, be sure to share your progress with us on the Waltz Discord, and keep dancing!