Rollo (AKA Rail to Rail)

Rollo (AKA Rail to Rail)

  • Roll the board from toe side rail stand to heel side rail stand
  • Rock the board sideways slightly as you roll it over
  • Experiment with different foot placement. Find what works for you!


The Rollo is also sometimes called a rail to rail. It involves rolling the board from toe side rail stand to heel side rail stand. Before you learn the rollo, it’s important that you are comfortable doing toe side rail stands.

To do the rollo, begin standing on the side of the board (the rail) with your grip tape and toes facing the same direction. This is called a toe side rail stand. Using your back foot, press down on the tail and roll the board forward. Jump and attempt to land back on the wheels after the board has completed ½ of a rotation. You should now be standing on the rail with the grip tape facing the same direction as your heels. This is a heel side rail stand.

When you begin learning the rollo, it’s helpful to practice flipping the board without standing on the rail. Stand with one foot on the ground and attempt to roll the board over using your other foot. Experiment with foot placement, power, and timing.

In the trick tip video, you might notice that the board rocks sideways as I roll it over. This is super important! As you press down and forward on the tail of the board, it should rock sideways and sort of roll along the end of the deck. If you are riding a single kick freestyle skateboard or a very square double kick skateboard, you might find that the board bounces and does not roll properly if you do not rock the board like this.

To master the rollo you will need to experiment with foot placement and timing. You can do this! Spot your landing and try to catch the wheels as the board rolls into heel side rail stand. Once you have mastered this rail to rail, you can begin linking it with other rail stand tricks. Get creative and keep dancin’